Best friend.

Bes, bez. Bestie, beshie, sis, bruha.

It might seem an overused term but way back circa 1990s, this used to be a big word for me. Hanggang ngayon pa din naman. Pero noon mas malaking bagay siya sa akin.

What does a best friend mean?

According to Merriam Webster, best friend is defined as one’s closest and dearest friend.

In Filipino, we call it, matalik na kaibigan. So this means, whether it is a boy, girl, your pet. Whatever or whoever it is, as long as you consider her/him/it, as dear to you, then you can call her/him/it, your best friend.

Why does it matter so much to me before?

I used to be a very introvert child. I hate dealing with people. I cry when I see them. I only talk to my mom, dad and my sibling. I throw tantrums and hide inside a room whenever there were gatherings (I even have a picture of it haha)

When I started preparatory school, I began to get used to know different kinds of people. My teacher, my classmates, our tricycle driver, our janitress blah blah. I learned how to play and laugh with them so by this time, I was less scared of interacting with humans. When I reached grade school, I had to transfer to another institution. I had to adjust again. However at this point, I was now able to talk with lots of kids back then because my school was bigger than the previous one. I reached second grade and that was when I found the so-called,”slumbook.” Here, you reveal a bit of yourself by answering these questions: who was your first crush (landi yiheeeee), what is love, what is your favorite color and finally, who is your best friend. This was when I began to reevaluate the friends that I had. Who was that one person I can tell all my secrets, who I can truly be myself? And finally, I placed a name. She was one of my longest friends I have because up ’til now, we still communicate, we still meet. So that sums up to almost three decades of friendship. Yay! ❤

I had to transfer (again) during high school. It was kind of tough for me since this was another environment. A totally new one. But I had to adjust and found a group of friends during my first year. Here, I also found a friend who I once thought was my best friend. I was becoming more of the possessive (asshole XD) type of friend. I had so many insecurities back then and I was afraid of being left alone, being left behind (that’s why I acted that way..sigh..) I always fought with her to the point that many of our other friends including our guidance counselor knew about it. It was one of my regrets back then. We had great times but we dealt most with the fights blah blah. Sigh. It was a long and rocky road for the both of us. We graduated best friends though but not until we reached college. Time was our arch enemy. We had less talk, less conversations since we were both adjusting to our new environment. It came to a point where I realized that I was always the one who reaches out. And after lots and lots of thinking, I thought that hey, I was always the first to call them my best friend?! Lagi na lang ako ang nauuna. Hindi ba pupuwedeng sila naman. Do not get me wrong there.

Nothing wrong with being the first to call people your best friend (I realized that now) but before it was a thing to be dealt with. Maybe because I was too immature, too insecure, too childish. I just tried to understand her and well, just go on and kicked myself in the butt to move ahead. >:)

So maybe I gave up having best friends. I was a bit traumatized about having one. Maybe because I don’t want to feel sad anymore. I was afraid of rejection, I was scared of people leaving me behind. 😦 😦

I moved on with my life during the first few months of college. Thank the heavens for giving me lots of assignments, projects to deal with, I forgot all about the best friend thing. So as I was getting along with another new set of friends, I finally had (and I still have now) one of the people who I can truly call my best friend. We did the craziest things together: cut classes (don’t do this kids huh?!), told some weird stories together, laughed and shared almost everything. Although I still am the possessive type of friend 😦 but hey, I dealt with it okay?!

This time, it was a first for someone to call me her best friend. It was nice to have someone to call you their best friend. And the feeling was mutual as well. We had so many experiences that made our friendship stronger. At kung nababasa mo man ito,  alam mo na yung mga yun. We knew that despite the distance and having a life of her own now that we are adults, we can still talk like it was before. No pretentions, just pure, transparent friendship.

Then there are these 2 favorite girls that despite having age differences, we have the same mind set. We have the same kalokohans. We share each others secrets. I could say that I am truly happy to find such wonderful beings in my life. Whenever I am too sad with my life, or whenever I achieved something, they are among one of the people I always first share it to. We came from different backgrounds, we had different tastes in music, we had different goals in life but we have the same kakulitan. And after all these years, we still click. 

So after all the mumblings I mentioned above, these are my realizations:

In this time of my life, friends are very essential because I think, eventhough I had a great career, I had lots of money (weh), I possess things I haven’t had before, BUUUTT, if you don’t have friends, all of these earthly treasures are useless. Friends might come and go but those who are truly meant to stay will never leave you even if you thought they were.

I love you my best friends.

❤ ❤ ❤

Random Thought:

One of the successful American sitcoms in the world – Friends.

Thanks again Mr. Google.

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So my hands are trembling right now because I am toooo excited to write type in my vlog blog!!!!
For all the days that went by for the past sh*t years of my life, almost everything–you got it– ALMOST everything is impromptu. I just go with the flow, do what He lays out to me and boooom….

In Filipino, impromptu means biglaan.

Lakad. Pagkain. Desisyon. Pera. Buhay. Patay. Pag-ibig.

Ayan, halos lahat nyan, nangyari na sa buhay ko (or ninyo). Except lang yung last two. So hindi ko muna pag – uusapan yung dalawang huli, okay lang ba (talks to self: okay lang)?



Oh. Em. Gee. Look at the sky. Napakadilim sa bahay namin. Late na ako nagising ngayon (na dapat ay may importante akong lakad sa Maynila para sa kaching-kaching). Tapos eh 10:20 AM na, kakagising ko lang. Low Empty battery na yung cellphone ko kaya ito chinarge ko pa eh 12 noon na tapos madilim pa yung langit (ano na?!?!?!). Eh di impromptu ang hindi ko pag-alis. Hay.

(Well, sino ba kasi ang nagstay until 5:00 AM today para manood ng kung anek-anek.>:]).

So ayan isa sa mga lakad na biglaang hindi natuloy.

Next, last 2011, syempre ang favorite powerpuff girlfriends ko (brief story: 3 friends kami, different ages, my 1 friend is the same profession as I am), ay mahilig talaga sa mga impromptu. Kahit ano pa iyan. Az en. Trulala. Oh well, as I was saying (totyal), naisipan naming tatlo na magpunta ng baguio, and booooom, Baguio here we gooo.

Fun fact lang: Bumabagyo nung pumunta kami. Muntik pa kaming maiwan ng bus. Like a sh*t but very fun day.

Here’s a memento of that day:

image Starbucks SM Baguio City, Circa 2011.


Well. Di ko alam bakit ko sinama yan. Hahaha. In everyday, syempre hindi naman planado ang mga foooood natin di ba. Unless, you own a restaurant were, of course, you have to prepare a menu for the day.

Ahh. I have this friend that cooks boxed meals every week. Bakit nga ba nasabi kong impromptu? Kasi a few years back, naka-apartment pa ako. I was toooo busy so biglaan kong naisip na magorder sa kanya.

Here’s a link to her Facebook page Search her on Facebook: Princesshealthy kitchen.

Tapos after a month, wala na di na ako nagtry ulit. Biglaan akong tinamad kasi waley na din ako $$$$$. 😦

And then last year, nagplanned meals ulit ako. This time, tinry ko naman yung sa Lunchbox Diet. In fairness, maayos ang packaging, masarap ang food. Hindi ko feel na nagdadiet ako. Pero…. Natigil na din siya after a few months. Search for them sa Facebook, Instagram (promotion pa moreeee).



Sa totoo lang. Ang dami – damiiii. Madami akong desisyon sa buhay ko na biglaan ko na lang naisipan. Katulad ng pagbili ko ng aking toys……image

Hahaha. Yung keyboard was an impromptu buy, because I needed a laptop but I had noooo money, and since I had a tablet which has a Microsoft Office app… I just needed something to type on so there. The two pens on top was also an imp. buy because I just saw it on a Bic store at Kyoto, Japan.

Weird fact: That Fujifilm Instax camera was actually bought by me (contrast to what I broadcast bwahahaha nahihiya kasi ako baka sabihin niyo ang arte koooo). I was sooo sad that time at plano ko talagang bumili niyan sa Quiaps pero umuulan. And ayun, I had money so I bought one. Haha.

That Lumix LX7 was bought last April 2017 at Quiapo. Grabe, nahanash kasi ako dahil hindi naibenta sa akin yung old camera nung dati kong boss (naibenta sa pinsan hmp pero okay lang no choice ehhh). Ayan, kaya kakatanong ko sa mga tao kung anong pupuwedeng camera for a concert (which I was dying to attend [on a separate blog na lang yun]), kahit anong palabra de honor nila, ito pa din ang binili ko. Worth 14k siya. Well, okay naman ang pictures. Good for travelling.



May mga bagay sa mundo na biglaan na kapag dumating ng di inaasahan eh matutuwa ka talaga. Tulad na lang ng biglaang may kikitain pala ako ng malaki sa Pramissss. Yung 1k kong nilagay, naging 2k na noong isang araw. Nagulat talaga ako. Kasi totoo pala talaga siya. Kaso lang, kalurkey kasi the next day, biglaan din siyang naging 1,300 php. KAKASTRESS. Sana pala nag-cashout na ako habang malaki pa. STRESS GALURA!!!!




Yung mga biglaang pangyayari sa buhay ko. Bigla akong naka-achieve ng mga bagay na hindi ko aakalaing magagawa ko pala. Yung trabaho ko ngayon, pinlano ko na talaga noong bata pa. Pero nung college ako, sobrang pagod na pagod na pagoda cold wave lotion ang peg ko, sabi ko sa nanay ko, “Ma, ayoko na. Di ko na itutuloy.” Syempre nagalit ang lola mo. Bakit daw hindi ko itutuloy? Ang dami na daw nila pinundar blah blah. So okay. Iniintay mo (ako lang pala) ba kung nasaan yung biglaan?

Meron na akong gustong gawin para sa work ko. Kumbaga, nagkadireksyon na yung buhay ko. PERO Pero pero… Nung nagtry akong noong fourth year na umikot doon sa line of work na yun, di pala keri ng powers ko atey! Tapos yung pinakaayaw ko pang subject noon, nung nagrotate ako doon, wowww nag-enjoy ako. Az en. So ngayon, nagulat ako kasi andito na ako ngayon. Striving to make myself better on my chosen field/career. Biglaan actually ang nangyari sa buhay ko kasi gaya ng sabi ko kanina, iba ang gusto ko sa nangyari sa akin ngayon. I planned for something but it seems He has better plans for me. ❤


Parting Words:

Planning for your life is great. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But sometimes, you just have to go with the flow of destiny. He has control over our lives so when we see something wrong with it, or when we think that it’s ruining all our precious plans, hey wake up! Maybe He is cooking the best menu for your life. Just wait for it. It will be soooo much fun.



P.S. Pasensya na po sa haba ng entry. Ganoon yata talaga pag ganado tehhhh.

P.P.S. Hello sa lahat ng mga mahilig mag-impromptu sa lahat ng kung anek-anek.


Random Thoughts

Here’s the first link that popped out on Google results:

An impromptu song by a woman while Oasis was having a one minute break for their Manchester tribute concert:


Peace out to all the people involved in this tragic incident. We will all pray for you guys and girls.

BTW, here is the complete link to the video:

Credits to Youtube



In The Gray Zone



Nabura yung supposedly entry ko dito dahil sa hayoook na picture sa babaaaaa.

Grrrr… Grabe naman kasi ang bilis namang magsave ni WP. Haha.

Woaaah.. Nagulat ba kayo kasi nagupload na naman ako ng blog after 5 years? Ay wala nga palang nagbabasa nito so ako lang nagulat. Magmomonologue na naman ako.. Hahaha

So ayun nga. Sa dinadami – dami ng nangyari sa akin ngayong nakalipas na limang taon, madami akong natutunan. Tulad ng sinabi ko doon sa pesteng nabura kong entry (ay ako lang pala nakakaalam bwahahaha), ito ang mga realizations ko:

1) Life is short

2) Always be prepared for everything.

At idagdag ko,

3) Do not feel inferior.

4) Never. Ever. Quit. (Kahit madalas gusto mong gawin)

5) Be a better version of yourself.


Sa tagal kong hindi nagblog yan ang mga natutunan ko.

So bakit nga ba nagiging gray zone ang life ko ngayon??

Well, dyusmiyoo. Sensya na po. Noong weekend, may nangyari sa aking hindi naman karumal-dumal, pero first time ko maexperience. Isang kapitbahay ang sinubukan kong isalba dahil naghihingalo na dahil sa malubhang karamdaman, at pagdating namin sa emergency room, lahat na ng paraan ginawa ngunit huli na ang lahat. Doon ko narealize na grabe, ang ikli ng buhay. Pero sa buhay ko ngayon, tama ba itong ginagawa ko? Meron ba akong nadudulot na maganda dito? Eh ang salbahe ko naman, tapos ang sungit ko pa, so ano pa? Hahahahahaha.

Pero ayun nga. Madami kasi akong gustong gawin. Sobrang career woman na ako, lahat na ng raket pinatos ko (connected sa propesyon ko okay hindi yung mga toot). Sa kakanood ko ng vlogs recently, gusto ko na din maging vlogger (kaso lang baka maloka sila sa peys ko).

Hi pala sa mga finofollow kong vlogs (Wil Dasovich, Baninay Bautista, Pamela Swing, Mickey Bustos, Lloyd Cadena). 🙂 

Gusto ko din mag-indulge sa business, gusto ko matuto magdrive at mag-uber na lang dito sa amin. Gusto ko na lang mag-ibang bansa at doon mag-aral pa ng kung anek-anek. Gusto kong magtravel ng magtravel. At syempre gusto ko na magkajowaaaa.


Kaya nga sa ngayon, nasa gray zone ako. Kasi I am at this point of my life were I do want to achieve everything since I almost missed it due to 4 years of traininggg. It is still a great deal to a person like me to plan your life ahead. But I was thinking, God designates the greatest things to the very best of us. So I guess, I have to trust him. I love spontaneity but somehow planning makes some directions to where I will go to. Buuuttt still, God is the greatest planner.

So di ko alam kung saan ako paroroon sa buhay kong ito pero one thing is for sure – – I want to color this gray area in my life using all the crayons in my hand.



Ayun na. Pak.

Random Thoughts.

Ayan. Nagbabalik na ang mga random chuvanesss. Ito ang unang pic na nakita ni google (at dahil dito kaya nabura ang una kong tinayp.-_-).

This represents my life today. Blah.


Salamat ng marami sa picture na ito na hindi sa akin nanggaling. Salamat Mr. Google. You know my thoughts well. Char.


A Letter To A Friend

I know, I know.

Oo alam ko. Matagal na akong walang liham. Makaliham ah. Lalim dre. Busy ako anong magagawa ko? Haha.

Okay isa itong letter sulat liham para sa isang kaibigang napalapit din sa akin nito lang pero minsan di ko alam kung bakit may ibang parte ng personalidad niya na di ko maispel.

Dear Charo Friend,

Alam ko wala kang ideya na ikaw ‘to. Pwes magdusa ka. Bwahaha. Pero seryoso, gusto ko ikaw mismo makaalam na ikaw nga itong tinutukoy ko. (Ang labo ha. Pano kaya yun?)

Ang pagkakaibigan natin ay nagsimula sa isang “unexpected” na pamamaraan. Pero ayun, mahirap kilalanin ang isang tao ng di pa kayo gaanong nagkakausap pero alam ko, iba yung sa’yo. Kasi nag-click na tayo umpisa pa lang. Dumaan ang mahigit isang taon, ang mga buwan na para bang napapansin ko may di magandang pakiramdam dahil nakita ko kung paano ka magtrato ng kaibigan.

Sige tawagin niyo na akong martir pero hangga’t kaya ko, kahit wala pa akong tulog, kung alam kong may kailangan ang isang kaibigan, pupunta ako doon. I know I shouldn’t expect something from anyone but still I would be a fool. Bakit istupida? Kasi kahit papaano naghihintay akong gawin mo din yun sa akin bilang isang kaibigan. Kaso lang iba yung sa iyo. Grabe bente-kwatro oras akong walang tulog tapos nung akala ko sasamahan mo ako sa aking lakad biglang hindi pala?! Sabi mo may aasikasuhin ka so sige okay lang sa akin kasi mukhang family related. Siyempre pamilya muna bago ang friends.

Tapos ito na naman, parang tangna naman. Kelangan laging angat ka? Kahit sabihin mong hindi, pero iba sa ginagawa mo?! Katulad ng mga walang kwentang bagay sa internet. Nabubuwisit ako minsan puro notifications ng mga walang kwentang bagay ang nakikita ko sa phone ko. Oo aaminin ko, naadik din ako sa mga walang kwenta sa jinternet pero alam ko naman na ngayon kung ano ang tama at hindi. Hindi tamang pagtuunan ang isang bagay na wala namang dulot sa hinaharap. Ayoko lang sa taong sobrang hayok sa pagkaanimal instinct. Gusto laging angat, gusto laging panalo pero kabaligtaran ang sinasabi sa’yo na, “Ay di na nga, busy kasi ako kaya di ko na nagagalaw ang internet.”Ahh busy pala pero tangna ikaw lagi ang laman ng notifications ko.

Ang pinakahuli nito lang. Oo mukha na akong false modesty sa twitter pero gosh aminin mo na lang na oo magaling ka. Hindi yung parang nagmukha akong tanga. Bakit? Kasi akala ko nung sinabi ko sa iyo yung situation ko, parang sinabi mo pa na oo mas magaling pa nga daw ako. But wait, wait, there’s more!!!! Malaman-laman ko yung sitwasyon mo, biglang ikaw naman pala ang nakakaangat. I mean damn. Tapos ngayon ang dami mong dahilan ek ek. Wala namang problema sa akin kung magaling ka kasi alam ko naman yun. At ako sa sarili ko alam ko di ko nabigay yung lahat ng kaya ko. Pero kapag sinabi ko naman na nakakaangat ako, sasabihin ko naman kasi totoo naman yun. Kaso lang brad, parang katulad mo yung mga kaklase ko nung kolehiyo kapag may exam kami. Pag tatanungin mo kung nakaaral, sasabihin nila, hindi nga sila nakapagbasa pero tangna perfect ang quiz, at makikita mo ang mga handouts at libro highlighted na, may underline pa?!

O di ba?! Alam ko mababaw ito pero kaloka, madami ka na ding strike sa akin. Pinapagbigyan kita at di ko naman inaamin sa sarili ko na isa kang matatawag na fair-weathered friend nung una kasi alam kong hindi. I tried to let myself to give you a chance but this is the nth time and I’ve proven myself wrong. Painful as it is but gradually, I have to be with a TRUE friend. True, meaning no pretentions. Ayoko sa taong andyan lang pag kailangan ka, tapos pag wala ni hindi ka niya papansinin. Hindi naman ako nangangain ng tao kapag nalaman kong nakakaangat sila sa akin. I have suffered enough disappointments in my life and I know how it feels. I appreciate greatness but I appreciate humility more if not abused.

Sana mahulaan mo na ikaw ito, di ko lang alam kung mababasa mo pero bahala na.

Hello goodbye ang drama ko.


Paalala: Kanina pa itong entry na ito. Tragis naman kasi ang jinternet. Jalang jwenta.

Ito na naman ako.

Late na naman at kasalukuyang naghihintay sa jeep. Sa katunayan, dalawang oras na akong late. Sarap kasi pag de aircon de bentilador ka sa gabi. Ayan, sakto 8 oras ang tulog ko.

Kakaloka ha. Jeep ang topic pero. Napunta sa tulog? Grabe ang train of thoughts. Train talaga? Toroy.

Ayun. Di naman kasi ako marunong magmaneho at magmanipula ng kambyo kaya nagtitiis ako sa de latang sasakyang itey. Nakakatuwa kasi kahit na mga pasahero lang kayo sa jeep o dyip, mapapansin o maririnig mo ang kakapiranggot na kwento ng buhay nila. Meron akong nakakasakay madalas dito sa amin. Wish mo lalaki ano? Wit ateng, witembang. Magkatrabahong bekimon at girlalu. Di ko mawari sa uniporme nila kung sa salon, spa o klinika sila nagtatrabaho. Kasi naman naka-scrub suit. Kaloka. Akala ko pang-hospital lang yun. Di pala. Yung kaibigan ko nga dati, hiyang-hiya kapag nakascrub suit sa jeep baka daw mapagkamalan siyang taga-salon. Sabi ko na lang, ayaw niya nun multitasking. Ha? LOL.

Meron naman akong nakasakay dati, naloka ako teh. Superwoman! Bitbit ang 4 na maliliit na anak yung isa sanggol pa na karga niya. Tapos parang nakawala sa hawla mga anak niyo! Winner! Buti na lang kabog pa din ang byuti ni ate at keri niya infer.

May nakasakay pa ako na naku kakaloka ng bonggels!!!! Akala ko magnanakaw ang mga hitad. Paano, alam kong magkasama ang dalawang mamaskels na lalaki tapos pagkasakay sa jeep, magkahiwalay ang inupuan, ehhh ang luwag – luwag sa loob pwede pa ako magtumbling doon. Tapos naman ang eye contact at synchronization ng moves, tinalo pa ang UAAP CDC Competition. Kaya sabi ko sa sarili ko, kanfhurrmed. Magna ang mga itey. Magnanakaw. So buti na lang bumaba yung mag-ina/mag-lola/mag-tita na kasama namin sa jeep, sumabay na akez at dali-daling sumakay ng taxi.

May mga magkakabarkada naman na ang peg eh parang nakalunok ng speaker sa lakas ng kwentuhan nila sa jeep. Ay, ang lakas makafeel at home ah. Sige kayo na. At least nalaman ko ang mga chika ng mga jowaers niyo sa buhay. Langheya.

Ayy pero kakaloka ah. May isa akong nakatabi, yung cellphone niya, kakaloka lang. O siya sige may mp3 player na yang celpon mo ikaw na talaga, IKAW NA! Galit? Ako? Di naman. Gusto ko lang siyang regaluhan ng earphones kahit yung tigsisingkwenta lang para naman magbigay ng hustisya sa mga natutulog na pasahero na bongga ang paglalaway at acrobatics ng ulo habang natutulog. 🙂

Ayan lang naman yung mga madalas kong nakakasalamuha. Wow salamuha. Lalim dre. Haha. Pero pinakamadalas diyan yung mga tatahi-tahimik na kagaya ko. Nagmamasid. Nag-aabang. Ng ano? Ng pogi? Ay siyempre kasali na yan. Nangchecheck kung sino ba ang tinetext ni katabi. O kaya yung tipong pag nasa expressway na, tumitingin sa malayo aka umeemo. Shoroy tologo!

Ayun. Ang saya-saya ano?! Kaya lika ka na at gorabels na tayey sa jeep!

Random Thoughts
Wala gusto ko lang magpost ng kung anek-anek. Ang unang masearch ni Sir Google yun ang ipopost ko. Para fun! 🙂


Special thanks for the picture above:


Happy minutesary!


Kakagawa lang ng blog may -sary kaagad? Asyumera.

Well, hello there.

Di ko lang alam pero malamang alam ko na madami ako lang nagbabasa ng blog na ito. Okay lang. Masaya naman magmonologue paminsan-minsan. Charot.

Madami na akong nagawang blogs pero wala pa halos nagbabasa at yung iba di ko na nauupdate dahil…. Well, busy ako. Excuses.

Pero I’ll make this one light and simple. As in magaan at simple. Tinagalog lang lol.

Sisimulan ko sa pagsheshare ko ng aking napakagulong hinaharap. Oy, hindi boobs yan ah. Hinaharap as in futuree ateng.

Magulo in a sense na, magulo ang utak ko sa pagdedesisyon. Naks ang seryoso naman. Tisyu ples. Ay how cheap, kleenex na nga. LOL.

Ang hinaharap ko ay kasalukuyang walang direksiyon. Paano lahat naman kasi ng mga gusto ko sanang gawin, yung iba ayaw naman nila mudra at pudra. As in WTFH, life sucks. Syempre dahil mabait akong anak, go sunod lang kahit parang minsan di na ako masaya. Kklk.

Sabi nga ng aking senyores, piliin ko yung talagang magiging masaya ako, dahil itong hinaharap ko, gagawin ko yan habang buhay. Walang kyeme-kyeme. Walang echos, eklavu. Pak ayun na. Tengene naman anong advice yun ah. Chooos.

So ayun.

Ang hirap talaga! Minsan nga naisip ko, isama na lang ako ni Dolphy sa kinalalagyan niya kaso lang baka di pa kumpleto qualifications ko at ibagsak ako somewhere down there. I don’t likeee!

Okay. Basta piliin niyo lang ang makakapagpasaya sa inyo at magiging okay na ang hinaharap. Ipagdasal lang ng ipagdasal.



Wala gusto ko lang magpost ng kung anek-anek. Ang unang masearch ni Sir Google yun ang ipopost ko. Para fun! 🙂

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
– Eleanor Roosevelt

Salamat Ms. Roosevelt!