Up and Up with A Head Full of Dreams (A Fangirl blog entry sorry hi hi )

Last April 2017, one of my bucket list was erased. Why? Because I had it done!!!!! Yahoooo!!!

So this will be an entire blog in English (sensya na mga beshie pangmalakasan ang iba kong audience dito,gusto mo yoooonnn?!) so to all my readers I will bear with it. Mahaba ito mga beshie pasensya na.


I was a fan of Coldplay back in the year 2001. I heard their song, Yellow,being played from one of the best radio stations ever (Your Kind of Music|New Music Alternative). And yeah, I fell in love. 

When MTV was still a hit among teens p, I would always tune in every time they had a Rock/Pop-Rock/Indie segment because I would wait for Coldplay’s music videos. I love how they conceptualized their Panic video. It was just an abstract-ish video however it was soooo damn good.\m/

I sooo love their Parachutes album very much that I even bought a shirt worth a thousand pesos (from Coldplay’s online store) so I could wear it in one of their concerts someday. ❀

My love for Coldplay was the bombbbb. I somehow had a different feel when they were going mainstream (do not get me wrong. I still love them. Though I am more of an indie music gal though.). Nevertheless, I still love how they keep the music playing. 

So why do I love this band? 

They saved me from insanity. No fakes, no click baits. THEY SAVED ME.

(Sorry for this emo insert) When I was still in high school, I lost all the confidence I had in me. I had these so called #teenageproblems (if hashtags were a thing back then this would be the perfect hashtag) that I even thought of transferring school because I was bullied. 😦  Eventhough I had friends, that was not enough to boost my  self-esteem. 

My friend, Tracy,  introduced me to bands like New Radicals, Goo Goo Dolls, Third Eye Blind, I began to look for similar genre of music that had pure, inspiring lyrics that made me think again of myself. Graduating from high school and entering college, I was still into indie/alternative/rock music and there, I found Coldplay. I wanted to give the biggest hug  to that DJ who intermittently kept playing Yellow on the radio. My perspective in life changed. 

After all the albums, singles that passed, of course, like other Coldplay fans, it was my dream to attend to their concert.. To sing their songs while they play it live on stage would be E-P-I-C. <3<3<

Five years ago, every Coldplay fan I knew freaked out when they saw news that they would finally be here. I really thought it was true. I even started saving money from my monthly wage however boooooom! They were not coming. Fake news. FAKE NEWS!!! 😦 One of the reasons, a friend told me, that our country was not financially able for a Coldplay concert. Some said there was no perfect venue yet… Blah blah blah. Still, I was fooled by idiotic muggleheads. T_T 


Source: http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/lifestyle/content/241434/fake-coldplay-concert-poster-in-manila-creates-false-rumor/story/

And so five years went by and… Finally, FINALLY!! Coldplay decided to have a world tour including Asia!!!!! Yahoooooo!!! 

However….. The VIP ticket costs 3/4 of my monthly pay so I was soo sad. Hey, I mean, this is a once in a lifetime experience so it’s a must to have the best seats in town O_O. When they announced the day they they would release the tickets, when that freaking day came, in a span of 2 f**k*ng hours, the tickets went kaboom. Gone. With. The. Wind. Whhaaaattt?!?!  My friend, Precious (Happy birthday today deary),and I planned to watch it at Singapore Stadium (if we had the tickets). But BUTTTT and but… Our freaking internet is at its turtle-like speed so most of our neighboring country friends got the tickets ahead of us. I haven’t lost hope though. Not until the Livenation site said that all the tickets were soldout. I guess we were unlucky. T_T

I decided that I will try all means possible so I can watch those four legends live onstage. The ticket lottery for Coldplay in Japan came. I thought it was bogus since I never heard of such a lottery for getting tickets before. Since this was a chance for having those preciousss tickets, I gave it a shot. (This time we were waiting for the release of tickets in Thailand since I was not sure of this lottery thing). 

A few weeks have passed and I received an email from pia.co.jp (awesome people behind this!) and I got two. Yes you read it.. TWO TICKETS!!! I got the confirmation email and woaaah it was real!!!!! I was shouting like crazy because it was so reaaaal….  πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

I had another friend to accompany me this time (Precious can’t go with me due to $$$ reasons. 😦 ). We booked our plane tickets, reserved rooms (c/o Airbnb), and now looking forward to the day that was. Kabooooooommmm… πŸ™‚

Long line of people patiently waiting for their tickets…

As you can see here, this was the line prior to the front row were we’ll be getting our tickets. It was like a zombie apocalypse. There were so many people and ’twas too cold (19 degrees is cold for a tropical person). Imagine all of them went here, most of us were from foreign countries, to watch Coldplay. <3<3<3 We were hungry, impatient and freezing. I was laughing inside because we encountered more drama when people were suddenly shouting at those guys who breached the queue. 😈

And finally we were already inside the Tokyo Dome! I could not believe my two eyes that this was already happening. <3<3<3<3<3<3 

Front act was a Japanese rock band named, Radwimps. They sounded cool. We weren’t able to start it though since we were outside getting our tickets. Here is a vertigo-ish (is there such a word) video of Radwimps (even before they finished):

And finally… It was already set. The day that I have been waiting. Since 2001. Damn.

#ColdplayTokyo <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Here are some clips that I had from the best concert ever! Sorry I only have a few pictures to post. I haven’t posted them on any social media (bwehehehe) since I have no time and was too busy procrastinating. Just kidding.😈

Cannot remember the song here.. 😦
“Call it magic…”
At the C stage (as they call it,am I right?)
This is Something Just Like This..
This either. I could not remember the song here. Waaah..

So there it is. This might be just a few shots I posted (I have more but I will only put this) but to me it was a concert of a lifetime. I was teary-eyed after the show because I was too happy that I was able to get here. 

I wanted to thank my friend, Pia, for coming with me eventhough it was financially hard for our dear pockets.  Thanks and I hope you enjoyed this once in a lifetime experience.

Thanks to Chris, Guy, Jonny and Will  for letting us have one of the awesome nights of our entire life. Infinity gun salute to the four of you! 🀘

Thank you also to all the people behind http://www.pia.co.jp. They even emailed us and was apologizing for the delay in getting the tickets. Japanese hospitality is at its utmost finest! I love you guys!!!

Random Thoughts:

Happy Independence Day to my beloved country, the Philippines!

Independence is gained so treasure it. – HS

Best friend.

Bes, bez. Bestie, beshie, sis, bruha.

It might seem an overused term but way back circa 1990s, this used to be a big word for me. Hanggang ngayon pa din naman. Pero noon mas malaking bagay siya sa akin.

What does a best friend mean?

According to Merriam Webster, best friendΒ is defined as one’s closest and dearest friend.

In Filipino, we call it, matalik na kaibigan. So this means, whether it is a boy, girl, your pet. Whatever or whoever it is, as long as you consider her/him/it, as dear to you, then you can call her/him/it, your best friend.

Why does it matter so much to me before?

I used to be a very introvert child. I hate dealing with people. I cry when I see them. I only talk to my mom, dad and my sibling. I throw tantrums and hide inside a room whenever there were gatherings (I even have a picture of it haha)

When I started preparatory school, I began to get used to know different kinds of people. My teacher, my classmates, our tricycle driver, our janitress blah blah. I learned how to play and laugh with them so by this time, I was less scared of interacting with humans. When I reached grade school, I had to transfer to another institution. I had to adjust again. However at this point, I was now able to talk with lots of kids back then because my school was bigger than the previous one. I reached second grade and that was when I found the so-called,”slumbook.” Here, you reveal a bit of yourself by answering these questions: who was your first crush (landi yiheeeee), what is love, what is your favorite color and finally, who is your best friend. This was when I began to reevaluate the friends that I had. Who was that one person I can tell all my secrets, who I can truly be myself? And finally, I placed a name. She was one of my longest friends I have because up ’til now, we still communicate, we still meet. So that sums up to almost three decades of friendship. Yay! ❀

I had to transfer (again) during high school. It was kind of tough for me since this was another environment. A totally new one. But I had to adjust and found a group of friends during my first year. Here, I also found a friend who I once thought was my best friend. I was becoming more of the possessive (asshole XD) type of friend. I had so many insecurities back then and I was afraid of being left alone, being left behind (that’s why I acted that way..sigh..) I always fought with her to the point that many of our other friends including our guidance counselor knew about it. It was one of my regrets back then. We had great times but we dealt most with the fights blah blah. Sigh. It was a long and rocky road for the both of us. We graduated best friends though but not until we reached college. Time was our arch enemy. We had less talk, less conversations since we were both adjusting to our new environment. It came to a point where I realized that I was always the one who reaches out. And after lots and lots of thinking, I thought that hey, I was always the first to call them my best friend?!Β Lagi na lang ako ang nauuna. Hindi ba pupuwedeng sila naman.Β Do not get me wrong there.

Nothing wrong with being the first to call people your best friend (I realized that now) but before it was a thing to be dealt with. Maybe because I was too immature, too insecure, too childish. I just tried to understand her and well, just go on and kicked myself in the butt to move ahead. >:)

So maybe I gave up having best friends. I was a bit traumatized about having one. Maybe because I don’t want to feel sad anymore. I was afraid of rejection, I was scared of people leaving me behind. 😦 😦

I moved on with my life during the first few months of college. Thank the heavens for giving me lots of assignments, projects to deal with, I forgot all about the best friend thing. So as I was getting along with another new set of friends, I finally had (and I still have now) one of the people who I can truly call my best friend. We did the craziest things together: cut classes (don’t do this kids huh?!), told some weird stories together, laughed and shared almost everything. Although I still am the possessive type of friend 😦 but hey, I dealt with it okay?!

This time, it was a first for someone to call me her best friend. It was nice to have someone to call you their best friend. And the feeling was mutual as well. We had so many experiences that made our friendship stronger. At kung nababasa mo man ito, Β alam mo na yung mga yun.Β We knew that despite the distance and having a life of her own now that we are adults, we can still talk like it was before. No pretentions, just pure, transparent friendship.

Then there are these 2 favorite girls that despite having age differences, we have the same mind set. We have the same kalokohans. We share each others secrets. I could say that I am truly happy to find such wonderful beings in my life. Whenever I am too sad with my life, or whenever I achieved something, they are among one of the people I always first share it to. We came from different backgrounds, we had different tastes in music, we had different goals in life but we have the same kakulitan. And after all these years, we still click.Β 

So after all the mumblings I mentioned above, these are my realizations:

In this time of my life, friends are very essential because I think, eventhough I had a great career, I had lots of money (weh), I possess things I haven’t had before, BUUUTT, if you don’t have friends, all of these earthly treasures are useless. Friends might come and go but those who are truly meant to stay will never leave you even if you thought they were.

I love you my best friends.

❀ ❀ ❀

Random Thought:

One of the successful American sitcoms in the world – Friends.

Thanks again Mr. Google.

Credits to: http://www.vulture.com/2016/03/20-somethings-streaming-friends-c-v-r.html